Gas and wood appliances Bendigo

We can install, service and repair both gas appliances and wood, solid fuel, appliances. So for all your heating and cooking repairs, service and installation, call Vince Comer Plumbing on 5448 4328.

Gas appliances

Gas appliances like heaters,  stoves and hot water services need to be installed and maintained by a licensed gas-fitter. Regular maintenance is recommended to avoid fire and pollution of your home or business with toxic fumes.


There are signals that your heater might require maintenance by a licensed plumber. Look for

  • The fan doesn’t work
  • Yellow flames
  • Smell of gas
  • Heater becomes loose from the wall.

Gas ovens and stoves/burners

Our qualified gas fitters can install your wall mounted or free standing gas oven or undertake repairs or servicing to your oven or cook top.

If you’re moving your gas oven or cook top to a new spot we can install the new gas pipes required.

If you suspect an issue with the safety of your existing free standing gas oven we can perform a safety inspection and undertake necessary repairs; alternatively, we can disconnect the unit and install a new one.

Wood (solid fuel) appliances

We are licenced to install and repair a range of solid fuel heaters and cooking appliances.

Signs you may need your wood heater or heater serviced or repaired:

  • The fan isn’t working, or it’s making a loud noise
  • The doors are loose or smoke is leaking out
  • Smoke is filling the room instead of going up the flue.