Blocked drains, sewer, septic & storm-water in Bendigo

With up to date and well serviced machinery we can offer a prompt and reliable service to clear any blockage you may have whether it’s the bath, basin, shower, toilet, sink, traps or pits. Our sister company Aqua Flush Drains Pty Ltd is also an expert with pipe relining damaged and broken sewer and stormwater pipes.

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Blocked storm water, blocked drain or other drain blockage problems

We clear your drains with our vast knowledge and experience and the latest technology. We will guide you until we make sure that your blocked drain/pipes are cleared.

Types of drains we can clear

We clear blockages caused by tree roots in all sewer pipes and stormwater drains, as well as blocked downpipes, drainpipes, sewerage systems, septic systems, gully traps, and sewers.

What are common drain blockages we can clear

Our High Pressure Water Jetters can handle the toughest:

  • Tree Root Blockages
  • Grease Blockages
  • Silt & Sediment Blockages

Our Experience staff will have the blockage cleared fast. All our work is guarateed and we’re fully insured.

All our work is carried out with the best interest of our customers in mind ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied, and with the utmost care for the environment.

If you need your drains cleared phone now 5448 4324

Call 5448 4324